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Terms and Conditions

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If you verbally commit to speech and language therapy sessions, you are agreeing to accept the Terms and Conditions below.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully and do not hesitate to ask any question that may arise.

Free Initial Consultation

The purpose is to discuss your specific needs and describe the service available. This lasts up to 15 minutes and is normally a phone call.

Client History Document

It is important for us to have a full and clear picture of your child’s needs and developmental history. Whilst the form may seem long it is important that it is completed as fully as possible. The client history form needs to be returned to us one week before your initial assessment.

Screening Speech and Language Assessment

This is an initial screening assessment that lasts up to one hour. A brief summary report will be provided.

Detailed Speech and Language Assessment

This normally lasts up to two hours (this may be completed over one or more sessions) and includes a detailed report.

In certain circumstances (e.g. complex cases) further sessions may be recommended. Additional hours are charged and will be discussed with you in advance.

TalkTools Initial Evaluation

This normally lasts up to two hours and includes a programme plan and follow up email and phone support. Up to 2 Skype sessions can also be arranged to check on progress/positioning. Please note that this assessment includes oral placement skills for feeding and speech and as such you will be asked to provide food for the assessment (a list of items needed will be sent to you before the assessment date).

TalkTools Programme Update

This normally lasts up to an hour and a half and includes an update to the programme plan. Phone and email support as well as up to 2 Skype sessions are available as part of the update.

Therapy Session

A session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This time is spent with the child/parents or member of teaching staff. The fee also includes time spent outside the consultation in preparation of the session, session materials and planning.

Additional letters, reports and treatment programmes

Written documents which are in addition to the initial assessment report are charged in respect of the total time taken to prepare them. An estimate of the time needed will be discussed with the client in advance.

Telephone calls

Lengthy phone calls (over 15 minutes) will be charged at the therapist’s discretion.

Training (parents and professionals)

Talks, workshops and formal training sessions are available for groups of parents and professionals. Please contact me to discuss any requirements relating to training.

Location of Sessions

Assessment and therapy sessions will generally be offered in your own home or your child’s school. I ask that you provide a quiet environment, free from distractions.

TalkTools evaluations and updates are available on a weekly basis at our London Clinic in Harley Street.

I may be able to work at alternate venues by prior agreement.

Role of the Parent/Carer

During your child’s therapy I usually provide tasks and activities for you to carry out with your child between therapy sessions. The aim is for you to do 10-20 minutes home practice daily with your child. Completion of these tasks is as important as the therapy sessions themselves, and regular home support usually results in more positive outcomes.

TalkTools – a TalkTools programme is carried out by the client’s parents/carers and you should expect to commit to carrying the programme out daily for a minimum of 5 days per week.

It is, therefore, essential that you (or a member of school staff) commit to attend all the agreed therapy sessions.


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. Sessions cancelled by you after this time, or sessions not attended, will incur a charge of the arranged session fee. This includes sessions cancelled due to illness.

If I am unable to attend a session for any reason I will let you know as soon as possible. I will endeavour to re-arrange the session. If I am unable to re-arrange the session then there will be no charge.

Circulation of Reports/Sharing Information

It is considered best practice to share information with relevant professionals in order to work together to support your child’s needs. Kids Talk Matters will routinely circulate reports to your child’s GP, school and all other professionals involved in your child’s care unless you request (in writing) that this should NOT happen. You will be asked to provide a list of the professionals involved in your child’s care.

Discharge Criteria

Parents are free to withdraw from treatment at any time.

The therapist may also withdraw treatment or discharge the child for any of the following reasons:

Privacy Notice

Kids Talk Matters will collect information about your child (and family) that is relevant to their therapy. Written notes will also be completed after each assessment/therapy session to inform ongoing intervention. All information held by Kids Talk Matters will be kept securely. Kids Talk Matters will not disclose any information about your child without your consent except where there are concerns regarding your child’s safety and/or wellbeing.

It is good practice to share information about your child’s needs to professionals who are working with your child and you will be asked for your consent to do this.


Session fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Payment is due 10 days after the invoice is issued.

Clients using private medical insurance are responsible for settling invoices and then claiming from the insurance company. It is advisable to check your level of cover before commencing therapy.

Clients with vouchers from Cerebra are welcome and we will happily accept these.

Late payments will incur a penalty charge of £10 and interest may be added to the invoice amount.

A reminder will be sent to you if your payment is late. If the invoice remains unpaid then debt collection proceedings will be started.

If payment is not made after the reminder has been sent then sessions for your child will be suspended.

Review of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subject to review and may change. You will be given a minimum of 30 days notice of any changes.

Download pdf version of our Terms and Conditions to Print