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"I attended a workshop on TalkTools a year a half ago and knew immediately that this was the type of intervention my son needed if he was ever going to communicate verbally. He has ASD with verbal dyspraxia.

I started taking Daniel to see Laura a year ago. We attend weekly sessions and she gives us exercises to practise with my son daily. At the time, he had difficulty producing any phonetic sound on demand. Today he's not only able to copy close to 50 sounds, he is now able to put 2 sounds together to make several words. She has achieved this by combining TalkTools exercises with Oral Placement Therapy.

My son is quite hyper-active and doesn't like to sit for long, however Laura uses ABA principles of motivation and re-enforcement as well as her own knack with children to get my son to sit, concentrate and learn. He thoroughly enjoys his sessions with her and is progressing at an amazing pace. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Mum of Daniel

TalkTools testimonial

"Laura is an exceptional speech and language therapist. She is skilled in many areas (including Talk Tools and Prompt) and combines a wealth of experience, technical ability and an open minded approach. Laura has a positive, enthusiastic and natural manner and is ambitious for her students.

Laura has worked regularly with our son for two years. She has achieved a great deal with him and enhanced his speech and communication significantly, through her own work and her collaboration with other professionals and our family. Laura is a highly valued and treasured member of our son’s team."


TalkTools testimonial